About Summit Landscape Management & Summit Tree Service Inc. 

The First 20 years

Summit Landscape Management, Inc was formed in 1998 by two men who had a  vision of  company that could not only maintain a landscape, but create unique environment’s that suit every customers personal needs.

In 2004, Summit Landscape Management began a sister company – Summit Tree Service, Inc. to complete the range of services. With the addition of the tree service company, Summit  is able to provide the full landscape management package from “top to bottom.”

Today, Summit Landscape Management, Inc. and Summit Tree Service, Inc. are  solely owned and operated by  Bill VanderVelde, one of the original founders. As Summit recently celebrated it’s 20th anniversary under Bill’s leadership, his mission and vision for Summit have not changed much over the years.

The company’s mission  has been to always been to provide high quality service to  commercial and residential customers. The goal is not only to meet the customer’s needs, but to exceed expectations. 

The Next 20 Years

In the past, Summit has experienced a large growth from the first winter of two plow trucks and one shoveler to multiple lawn maintenance and landscape crews, fertilization programs, a full service irrigation department, and a tree department. Summit plans to continue this growth over the next 20 years by continually investing in resources to improve upon the services we currently offer our customers. We are changing with the economic and environmental climate through every aspect of our practices to meet our clients’ vision. Our goal will continue to be to provide quality services with long-term benefits. As we strive to meet our goals, we will continue to be a leader in our Industry. Summit has become a leader through:

    • Innovation – adapting to the changes of our clients’ needs and requirements;
    • Professionalism – representing our clients’ image to the fullest;
    • Competitiveness – maximizing the return on clients’ investment.


To deliver a quality environment at a competitive price while maintaining financial success. This derives from the strength and intuition of our team, the ability to contend strategically, and our relentless customer focus.


To promote ecological responsibility while giving purpose to the environment around us.

Core Values

  • Work Ethic
  • Positive Attitude
  • Quality Work
  • Holds Others Accountable

Industry Qualifications

“I’m very impressed with the yard work that your company does for us. They not only do this but are friendly as well… Please let them know that they’re very much appreciated.”

~Summit Customer.