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Foliage Landscaping in Marne MI - Summit Landscape Management IncNothing defines the look and feel of a home or business quite like a well put together landscape. Given the addition of a properly maintained lawn, your property can become an area built for relaxation and entertainment. It requires knowledge, expertise, and time, which many home and business owners simply don’t have. Summit Landscape can bridge that gap and help you create a lawn you can be proud of.


Landscape Design in Marne MI - Summit Landscae Management IncWe know that it’s not always easy to take a blank canvas and turn it into a beautiful outdoor environment, but with Summit you don’t have to take on a large project yourself. Our landscaping designers have worked on hundreds of projects, small and large, collaborating with you every step of the way to create a one of a kind design that accomplishes everything you want and more.



Wall Side Landscaping in Marne MI - Summit Landscape Management IncLawn Installation
At the heart of every project you will likely need lawn installation. Many customers have experienced the need for the right lawn for their property. There are multiple factors that go into choosing the best base for your project. Summit staff will explain the pros and cons of the various ways to install a new lawn which are commonly hydroseeding, dirt and seed, or sod installation.

Shrubbery and Plant Life
Quality plant material and the right plant for the environment are important factors when developing your landscape. We start by working with the client to select species with the right growth attributes for the intended purpose and effect, species that will complement the existing landscape, and species that are properly suited to the soils and growing conditions at your site.

To learn more about plant health care, including proper care and insect and disease problems visit Summit Tree Service Fact Page.

Patio Installation Picture - Summit Landscape Management IncHardscaping Installation
At Summit we don’t only take care of your yard, but we also specialize in hardscaping services to let you get the most of the great outdoors. Our design and installation teams can work with you to create functional and beautiful seating areas, walkways, steps, pool sides and so much more. Creating a private backyard paradise, while enhancing your home’s value, can be built to fit your budget transforming your outdoor space affordably.

Sustainable Landscaping
At Summit Landscape Management Inc, we have installed a variety of large and small sustainable landscape features, such as rain gardens and green roofs, all over West Michigan. We continue to seek ways to promote ecological responsibility.



From security and safety to highlighting your home and landscape’s unique features, outdoor lighting can serve many purposes. Accentuate architectural features, highlight a well-tended garden or enhance outdoor living space all with artistically designed lighting. Investing in outdoor illumination can improve a home’s value through curb-appeal, security and entertainment space. Call Summit Landscape Management for all your landscape lighting needs.

Outdoor Lighting in Marne MI - Summit Landscape Management Inc