A home is not just about what is inside those four walls. A home is how it looks and makes you feel when you pull up the driveway. Your home should make you feel safe and secure. Key factors we care about at Summit Landscape Management Inc. include how your home looks, how secure your property is and how safe your home can be. From warding off thieves to preventing a fall, we have the perfect lighting design for you.

The Safety Value of Landscape Lighting

Being able to see your home, see the steps to your front door and see the path leading from your driveway ensures that you are safe. One of the main causes of hospitalization is falls. A child’s bike left by the stairs, a downed branch after a storm or an unstable step is enough to have you down for the count. However, when you can see where you are going, there is a reduced risk of falling. Consider adding lighting design for your front or back steps, walkway, trees near the front entrance and motion sensor lights for less traveled areas around your home.

The Security of Landscape Lighting

A home that looks warm and inviting to you does not look so welcoming to thieves. When there is uplighting in the bushes, motion sensor lighting on the garage doors, a well-illuminated path up the driveway and around the perimeter of your home there is nowhere for a thief, a peeping tom or your daughter’s unwanted boyfriend to hide.

Along with the humans that can cause you safety issues, there are animals to consider as well. A skunk, deer or raccoon may think that your dark bushes are the perfect place to call home. These non-rent paying residents can cause trash issues, can be harmful for kids and can carry disease. Smart lighting and landscape design may be all you need so that these critters are not calling your house home.

The Beauty of Landscape Lighting

There is something so pleasant about knowing you have a safe and secure home. Landscape lighting is not just about flood lights above the garage. The landscape lighting we offer is beautiful, enhancing the curb appeal of your home and making it more inviting for friends and family.

The Perfect Landscape Lighting for Your Home

A well-lit home is one that will detour thieves and keep you safe from falls. At Summit Landscape Management Inc., we can design beautiful lighting that enhances the security, safety and curb appeal of your home. Contact our friendly team today to design a lighting plan that is perfect for you!