Committed to Quality Tree Service in Grand Rapids, MI

Summit Tree Service, Inc. offers a full range of tree and plant care services in the Greater Grand Rapids and Lakeshore communities.  We offer many types of services to accomplish your landscape plant health care needs.  Because we are a full-service tree care company staffed by I.S.A. Certified Arborists and also a full-service landscape design, build, maintenance company staffed by Michigan Certified Nurserymen, Environmental Biologists, Landscape Architects, and Certified Irrigation Contractor, we can solve any tree, shrub, and landscape issues “in house” and make the right recommendations for the challenges your landscape faces.  We strive to be sustainable in everything we do.  Our tree trimming and removal teams recycle 100% of the debris at our yard; creating landscape mulch, firewood, and other wood products.


At Summit Tree Service, Inc. our goal is to provide progressive tree care service to our client in western Michigan who share our commitment to the preservation of their tree and shrubs.  We strive to serve each of our individual clients needs with unique care and quality to enhance the beauty, function, and structural integrity of their landscape.  In pursuit of this mission, we are committed to providing our services in an environmentally and socially responsible manner by using scientifically-based approaches to tree and shrub care.


Tree & Shrub Pruning

We are staffed by I.S.A. Certified Arborist who are well versed in all aspects of tree and shrub pruning.  Every pruning cut on a plant will affect how that plant grows in the future, for better or worse.  Proper pruning can improve the health, safety, and appearance of your trees.  Whether it be to clear branches from your roof or improve your trees overall development.  Our crews are holistically trained to understand the biology and artistic nature of trees.

Tree Protection Zones

Allow us to assist you in protecting your landscape during lot clearing, renovations, or construction projects.  Many homesites are carved out of a wooded landscape.  We will help choose the best trees to keep by assessing their health and structure.  Involving Summit Tree Service Inc prior to breaking ground will allow us to protect the trees you want to keep, especially during renovation projects.  If your landscape is mature let us help you keep it that way and frame your project sustainably.

Tree Removal

Our highly skilled team is prepared for any situation.  We have the equipment and the knowledge to safely remove any tree anywhere.  Our goal is to complete any tree removal project safely and efficiently; so that when we leave only our footprints are left behind. Tree removal can be very hazardous especially within the urban forest.  Let our highly trained staff take care of the all the heavy lifting for you.

Stump Grinding

When removing a tree, we cut the tree to as low of grade as possible; within 2-3” of grade.

Grind Only

The stump will be ground to a depth of 6 to 8 inches below grade.  With this basic stump grinding service, all wood, grindings, & dirt removed during the grinding process will be left onsite.  Walkways and driveways will be swept off and some debris will be placed back into the hole to prevent a trip hazard.

Grind & Clean-Up of Debris

We can clean-up and haul away the excess dirt and wood chips generated from the stump grinding.  We will then backfill the stump with dirt from the grinding to leave it level with the surrounding grade or a slight hump.  All excess debris will be picked up and recycled back at our yard in West Michigan.

Grind, Clean, and Fill

If you would rather have the entire cavity excavated then filled with screened landscape topsoil, we will apply clean dirt for you to have a fresh canvas.  If desired, we are also able to apply a layer of quality grass seed and starter fertilizer to complete the stump grinding process.