Dedicated to Quality Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care is an important part of the services offered through Summit Tree Service, Inc. Healthy plants not only look more attractive and perform better in the landscape. They are also more resistant to disease, better equipped to withstand seasonal insect injury, and will live longer with less intervention.
We can help customers identify areas in their plant landscape that they want or need to protect before and after construction. It is our collective goal that your plants achieve and maintain health throughout seasonal and desired changes to your home landscape.


Making sure that your plants are receiving the proper nutrients necessary to thrive in its environment. Correcting any nutrient deficiencies present involves replacing needed nutrients to the soil; as well as ensuring that the added nutrients are available and accepted in the plant to absorption processes.


Soil Sampling

Healthy plants require healthy soils.  Ideally, fertilization recommendations for your landscape plants start with a soil test to determine the soil profile and existing nutrient levels.

Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPMs)

Allow our trained technicians and I.S.A. Certified Arborists to assist you when your trees look sick.  Our programs treat defensible space using only the most up to date techniques.  We target the individual bug, fungus, or bacterial life cycle to control the pest.  Our technicians ideally need to be out to your property depending on tree diversity up to six trips per year.  This allows the technician to closely monitor the health of your landscape and treat any concerns as they develop. We have Individual treatment plans designed for diseases such as Emerald Ash Boar (EAB), Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Mites, Aphids, Bronze Birch Boar and many more.

Stem Girdling Root Solution

Air spading is the process of using highly pressurized air to remove soil and other material without damaging root systems of trees.  Our Air Spade Service is a great asset when installing irrigation systems around trees or other delicate areas.  Air Spades are key for removal of stem girdling roots because these roots encircle the main trunk of a tree, they begin slowly cutting off the vascular flow and causing branch dieback and ultimately tree death.  Treatment entails using an excavation tool powered by air to expose the entire root collar so we can prune out the cause of the problem.